Recipe by Lionel Chamoiseau and Maximilien Jean

Doucè Man Jak Cocktail (La Douceur de Mme Jacques)

Preliminary preparation

Infused rum:
Place cinnamon sticks in Trois Rivières white rum and let infuse for 2 or 3 days.
Chili pepper syrup:
Make a syrup using 1 part water to 1.5 parts sugar. Add half a chili pepper with its seeds. Melt the sugar and let the syrup rest for 1 hour. Strain the syrup, then add a cinnamon stick and a star anise pod.
Orgeat syrup:
Almonds and orange flower water
Mango purée:
Peel and slice the mangos, then purée the flesh in a blender or mash well with a fork.
Turban squash purée:
Peel the turban squash and microwave the flesh in a covered bowl until soft. Purée in a blender or mash with a fork.


Shot ingredients
30 ml aged rum
Pulp of 2 small passion fruits
5 ml lemon juice
10 ml orgeat syrup

Cocktail ingredients
50 ml cinnamon-infused white rum
50 ml Turban squash purée
50 ml mango purée
20 ml chili pepper syrup
15 ml lemon juice
25 ml grapefruit juice
Star anise


For the shot
Dry shake the ingredients
Strain and pour into a halved passion fruit shell

For the cocktail
Heat the star anise and cloves using a kitchen torch or on the stove
Put the spices in the shaker
Pour in the other ingredients
Pour into a Highball or Tiki glass
Garnish with mint leaves, the passion fruit shell filled with the shot mixture, slivered almonds, and a lightly burned cinnamon stick.

Enjoy your lunch!

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