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Celebrating the flavours of Martinique across Quebec from September 10 to 22, 2024

Martinique Gourmande 2024: The Festival celebrates 16 years of intercultural festivities!

The Martinique Tourism Authority in Canada launched this vibrant food festival in 2008 with the goal of making summer last a little bit longer on the plates and in the hearts of Quebecers and giving visitors a little taste of their next trip to Martinique. It was one of the first festivals of its kind in Montreal!

In 2020, the Festival reinvented itself and was named a finalist in the Event of the Year category at the 2021 Lauriers de la gastronomie québécoise awards. Note that, in 2023, Créole Market has been labeled as part of the AIFQ (Year of Franco-Quebecois Innovation) supported by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of France and Quebec.

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Sixteen years later and a few thousand feasts after its debut, Martinique Gourmande is reinventing itself yet again to bring visitors an exceptional community-focused event with the goal of cultivating connections and facilitating exchanges around Martinican food and culture.

Martinique wishes to thank everyone who has made the Festival one of the most anticipated end-of-summer events since the very beginning. And once again this year, Martinique Gourmande will help fill the plates of Quebec families in need thanks to its partnership with La Tablée des Chefs’ Solidarity Kitchens. Thanks to the support of the Martinique Tourism Authority in Canada, thousands of portions of pulled pork with maple and Colombo alongside a red bean ragout will be prepared by Solidarity Kitchens and distributed to Quebec food banks. A collaboration and knowledge sharing between Chef consultant Jérémie Jean-Baptiste and Chef Martin Leduc of La Tablée des Chefs.

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