Mille Saveurs (in District Gourmet) - Martinique Gourmande

Mille Saveurs (in District Gourmet)

A journey among the culinary cultures of the world

Located in District Gourmet Ste-Foy, the restaurant Mille Saveurs offers local flavors from Mexico, the Caribbean and the southern United States. There is no doubt, you will have a good time with the passionate team of Chef Mathieu Jaucourt and you will have the opportunity to make your taste buds travel!

990 Rte de l’Église local 126
Québec, QC, Canada, G1V 3V5
Facebook: Le Mille Saveurs
Instagram: Le Mille Saveurs

During Festival Martinique Gourmande, the Mille Saveurs offers Fricassé de chatrou.

Chef Mathieu Jaucourt invites you to discover Fricassé de chatrou, a traditional recipe from Martinique. The chatrou (the octopus) is tenderized before being simmered in an absolutely divine spicy sauce. This gourmet dish exalts and makes the taste buds travel. It consists of octopus, green onions and tomatoes. It is served with wild Creole rice and seasonal vegetables.

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