Le Rouge Gorge Bar - Martinique Gourmande

Le Rouge Gorge Bar

Enjoy a glass of wine and a dish in a warm atmosphere

Located in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal and open since March 2015, Le Rouge Gorge is a bar with a menu including a multitude of references from around the world.

1234 Avenue du Mont-Royal East,
Montreal, QC H2J 1Y1
Phone: +1 514-303-3822
Facebook: Le Rouge-Gorge
Instagram: Le Rouge-Gorge

During Martinique Gourmande Festival, Le Rouge Gorge offers a sunny cocktail, the Ti-Punch Pêche Butternut with Trois Rivières Cuvée de l’Océan, composed of:

  • 2 oz Trois Rivières Cuvée de l’Océan rum
  • Butternut peach syrup
  • Lime

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