Ateliers & Saveurs (Montréal) - Martinique Gourmande

Ateliers & Saveurs (Montréal)

Cooking classes, cocktails and wine tastings

Created in 2008, Ateliers & Saveurs is the first school in North America to offer you cooking classes, cocktails and wine tastings in the same space! Friendly and accessible, the workshops are given in Montreal and Quebec by passionate professionals who pass on their know-how savoir-faire.

Ateliers & Saveurs Old-Montreal
444 rue st-Francois-Xavier
Montreal, QC, Canada, H2Y 2T3

Ateliers & Saveurs Plateau Mt-Royal
4832 bld St-Laurent,
Montreal, QC, Canada, H2T 1R5

Phone: +1 514 849-2866
Facebook: Ateliers & Saveurs 
Instagram: Ateliers & Saveurs

During Festival Martinique Gourmande, Ateliers & Saveurs will take you on a journey to the Caribbean and will offer you cocktail workshops with Martinican flavors and Rhum Trois Rivières.
Details to come. Reservation required.

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