Mlle Inès (in District Gourmet)

Unique, gourmet, creative and wildly festive taste experiences

Located in the District Gourmet Ste-Foy, the restaurant Mlle Inès is the very first restaurant of the young chef Inès Gauthier, 16 years old! It offers poutines, po-waffles and completely decadent gourmet burgers.

990 Rte de l’Église local 108
Québec, QC, Canada, G1V 3V5
Phone:+1 418 425-0203
Facebook: Mlle Inès
Instagram: Mlle Inès

For Festival Martinique Gourmande, Mlle Inès invites you to discover her delicious Burger Shatta!

Two delicious pieces of pork fried with Caribbean spices, served in a brioche bun with Pikliz-style cabbage (spicy coleslaw), plantain banana chip and a Creole sauce. This dish is served with fries and a Pikliz-style coleslaw.

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