Pascal Sigère

Chef and owner of the AGAP’PEYI’A guest house

During the Martinique Gourmande Festival, Chef Pascal Sigère will orchestrate a 4-handed dinner on September 7 at the Palme restaurant, details here.

Pascal Sigère has worked in the kitchens of multiple restaurants.

Over the course of several years, Sigère completed several apprenticeships with establishments both abroad and back home in Martinique, developing skill, discipline, and a taste for local cuisine along the way.

Today, he turns local products into amazing food in the heights of Le François. AGAP’PEYI’A, his table d’hôte, is inspired by his family’s heritage and serves up a veritable festival of flavours.

Sigere’s ambition is to strive for excellence while drawing on tradition. Innovating to build on the past and move forward is this young entrepreneur’s recipe for success.

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