The Great North - Martinique Gourmande

The Great North

An exceptional natural environment

Off the beaten track Martinique, the Great North has kept all its authentic charm. Let yourself be enchanted by its unique scenery and the talent of its craftsmen, cooks, distillers, ice cream makers, all proud of the quality of their products.

The J.M. Distillery

The J.M. Distillery is located in the commune of Macouba, in the extreme North Atlantic of Martinique. It is one of the last artisanal rum factories where one of the most famous rums of the island is produced in an enchanting setting.

Fonds Préville Rum Factory
Tel: (011) 596 596 78 92 55
Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm
Rate: Free

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Tante Arlette

Meal at Tante Arlette’s restaurant, located in the heart of the village of Grand Rivière. It is a restaurant that respects the principles and values of traditional cuisine passed down through 3 generations in Martinique. The cuisine is family style and resolutely Creole.

3 Rue de Lucy de Fossarieu, Grand Rivière
Tel: 011 596 596 55 75 75

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Chez Tante Jeanne

People come from all over the island to taste the local sorbets of Tante Jeanne. If the coconut sorbet is the main product, other local flavors are waiting to delight your taste buds, not to mention the delicious fruit juices.

3, Rue Joseph Lagrossilière, Le Lorrain
Tel: 011 596 596 53 40 25


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