The North Atlantic

Agricultural paradise of Martinique

One of the most agricultural areas of Martinique, the North Atlantic beckons you to discover the generosity of the local sugar cane and banana crops, with of course some tasting stops.

The Galion sugar factory

At the crossroads of History, Culture and Heritage…. It is in the commune of La Trinité that is located the last sugar production unit of Martinique: the sugar factory of Galion. The guides will introduce you to the history of the sugar cane in Martinique, then to the manufacturing process. The visit will end with a tasting of products, the purchase of products and souvenirs in the store of the Galion.

Galion Plant, La Trinité
Tel: 011 596 596 58 20 65
Price: 5,50€.


Baie des Trésors rum: a new approach

The Galion farm takes part in the rum adventure by producing AOC Martinique local rum with the Baie des Trésors. This rum comes from the distillation of freshly squeezed cane juice, fermented and aged in small oak barrels. In addition, the distillery is part of an eco-responsible approach to offer you an exceptional rum: 100% NATURAL, 100% WITHOUT ADDITION, 100% WITHOUT COLORING, 100% WITHOUT ADDED AROMA, 100% WITHOUT WOOD CHIPS, 100% PLOT.

Chemin du Galion, La Trinité
Tel: +596 696 71 07 11

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The Rum Museum and Saint James Distillery

The Saint James Rum Museum and the House of Distillation, both located within the Distillery, are particularly well equipped to allow you a very enjoyable discovery of the history and techniques of agricultural rum and Saint James Rum in particular.

Saint James Plantations
Route de l’Union, Sainte-Marie
Tel: 011 596 596 69 50 37
Price: 5 €.

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Habitation Lasalle

Not far away is the Habitation La Salle, a former sugar refinery where you can take part in workshops around rum: the site is accessible by taking the little train from the distillery, an opportunity to cross the heart of the cane plantations bathed in sunshine.

Plantations Saint James
Route de l’Union, Sainte-Marie
Tel: +596 596 69 50 37

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Banana Museum and train ride

Here, a very nice 2.5 km ride in a small train through fields of sugar cane and banana plantations. It is a round trip from the Saint James distillery to the Banana Museum. On the way back, several stops are made, to show you some medicinal plants and fruit trees of Martinique.

Saint James Plantations
Route de l’Union, Sainte-Marie
Tel: (011) 596 696 86 99 09
Price: 5 €.

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The Koud’Pouss

Meal at the restaurant Koud’Pouss, in Marigot, where Chef David Colomba promotes Creole cuisine and local products. This chef promotes the inclusion of the youth of Martinique people to create a lively and tasty Martinique gastronomy.

Anse Charpentier, Le Marigot
Tel: 596 596 61 17 29
Average price: 35 €.

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