Must-see - Martinique Gourmande


Typical and colorful atmosphere

The authentic Martinique….

While walking around during your stay in Martinique, you will come across markets in the towns and villages, and street vendors on the roads. It is a good way to be in contact with the local population, to discover new aromas, new tastes and to benefit from the advice and tips that vendors—who know their products well—are the best source of information

The markets of Martinique

To experience a typical and flamboyant atmosphere, go to the Martinique fruit and vegetable markets. All of them offer spices, liqueurs, medicinal plants, handicrafts, local products to take away or to eat on the spot: accras, black puddings… You can also taste traditional dishes served in small restaurants.

The vast covered market of Fort-de-France (Blénac, Isambert and Antoine Siger streets) is the largest. The markets of the other municipalities are well-stocked in local fruits and vegetables and specialities of the surrounding areas.

Sugarcane juice

You will also see cane juice sellers who crush the sugarcane in front of you to extract the sweet and fragrant juice that Martinicans love.

Coconut water

The same method is applied by coconut water vendors who sell the water just extracted from the coconut. A real treat. 100% natural and guaranteed without preservatives or additives!

Smoked chicken

A Creole specialty. You will mainly see these vendors on weekends. The “poulet boucané” is a chicken cooked on a barbecue, it is grilled and smoked at the same time… A treat that you must try at least once during your stay!

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