Prisca Morjon

Owner Ma Cuisine Créole

Prisca Morjon is a self-taught chef and proud Martinican obsessed with the ingredients found on her island. During the Martinique Gourmande Festival, Chef Prisca will be hosting a 4-handed dinner on September 7th at the Bar Mamie, details here.

A foodie and cooking fanatic since childhood, Morjon draws her inspiration from her childhood memories of her grandmother, who was a master in the kitchen. She is also inspired by the authentic flavours of the family restaurant where she began her career. Over time, her curiosity and culinary escapades have refined her cuisine. She shares her colourful and creative recipes through her cooking shows, her blog, and her seaside restaurant in Trois-Ilets.

Martinique’s local products offer such a wide palette of flavours! Morjon likes to enhance her simple yet original dishes with herbs, spices, and local ingredients, all working in harmony to bring emotion to every plate. “When I’m in the kitchen, I like to evoke the emotions of my childhood through delicious food.”

©Photo: Pierre-Etienne VINCENT

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