Nathanaël Ducteil

Chef, L'Atelier and Le Drive ND

On September 6th at 6 pm, as part of the Martinique Gourmande Festival, Chef Nathanaël Ducteil will lead a cooking workshop at Ateliers & Saveurs, located in Old Montreal. Reservation required. More details here.

Nathanaël Ducteil’s culinary journey began at his mother’s side, cooking for his large family and their occasional guests. The family copy of the 12‑volume Délices de la cuisine créole got quite the workout! Ducteil’s first experience in a professional kitchen came when he was 17, after he dropped out of school and began working as a dishwasher in the kitchens of the Marigot hotel. That was where he met chef Franck Sherrer, who offered him a position as a cook. He later earned his brevet d’études professionnelles (vocational degree) in cooking in one year instead of two and left to train at Alain Ducasse’s cooking school in Argenteuil, where he was the only West Indian student.

Ducteil returned to Martinique in 2006, where he worked hard to make his mark and find his culinary identity for 10 years. His cooking style was initially European-influenced with Creole touches, but he later returned to his West Indian roots and began incorporating more local products and flavours into his menus. After being given carte blanche at French Coco in Tartane in 2016, he was able to truly find his voice as a chef. In 2017, he was invited to Martinique Gourmande, where he discovered new ways of approaching his profession during a culinary workshop he led. This will be the kickoff for the newly established Atelier ND, which he runs with his business partner and fellow chef Ulrich Claude. Ducteil now welcomes guests to this unique space, where they can both learn cooking techniques and enjoy a delicious meal.

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